After nearly 10 yrs, my boss fired me. I left peacefully. Since then, I applied for unemployment and said good-bye to my former clients. This was nearly 3 weeks ago. I am not currently working. I do not own my own business. I am seeking assistance from the NYS DOL Self-Employment Assistance Program, but no one has contacted me back yet from that office.

My former boss is a lawyer in NYS, by the way...

My boss and his number 1 keep sending me emails, accusing me of trying to steal their clients. They say that if I don't stop, they will block my unemployment and come after me legally. I haven't solicited any clients. Several have contacted me since I left, but no one offered me a job and I didn't ask for one. I have no on-going communications.

I let them know I wasn't soliciting business. They told me they sent a letter to all their clients and contacts about me. They won't tell me what was in the letter. They just keep accusing me of doing things I'm not doing, and threatening me to stop actions I'm not committing.

They are making me terribly afraid to try to open my own business or find another job. They will not stop. What can I do?