Well, let me write this all out all over again since I just did it and it disappeared when I went to submit it...

Back in December I sold a high mileage car for a good price to a local lady. As I do with most of what I sell, I included a 90 day/4,500 mile powertrain service contract through a SC company that specializes in used cars. Unfortunately, 5 weeks after she got the car, it developed an engine noise. Long story short, it turned out that the crankshaft bearings were bad and it was easier and cheaper to replace the engine with a used one. Anyway, the SC company isn't all that they promised they were when they sold themselves to me originally. There was much that was hidden this and hidden that and no coverage on this or that and they basically didn't cover a whole lot of the work.

Although I was no longer legally responsible for this car at this point, my wife and I decided to pay the repair costs that the SC company didn't cover. In short, we lost a ton of money on this car trying to make the customer happy and to make things right.

Some dealer friends of mine suggested that I write out a brief good will agreement so that the customer understands that the repair work that we paid for does not indicate that we are now extending some sort of warranty on the car at this point, and to cover ourselves in case she decides down the road somewhere that we need to be responsible for something else. She seems to be a generally agreeable type of person so I doubt this will happen but this is business and I want to be covered in case.

I wrote up (to the best of my ability) what I think should cover me but I want to hear some opinions on if I covered what I need or should I change something on it?

2002 Chevrolet Cavalier
VIN# Some Numbers Go Here

Owner- Dealer-
Some Customer Odinn7's Auto Sales
Some Address Some Address
Some State Some State

Above vehicle was sold to Some Customer on December 18, 2012 at 169,780 miles with a CHEESY COMPANY powertrain service contract covering 90 days or 4,500 miles included in the sale price. Engine failure was reported and only partially covered by the service contract in January, 2013.

Under a good will agreement, Odinn7's Auto Sales and the two principal owners, Mr odinn7 and Mrs odinn7, agreed that our company would cover the cost of repairs for, and the used replacement engine at our expense, minus the $100 deductible that is required by CHEESY COMPANY. Some Customer paid the $100 deductible and Odinn7's Auto Sales covered the balance of the repair work (not covered by CHEESY COMPANY) needed in this particular case of engine failure.

As stated, this repair work was paid for by Odinn7's Auto Sales as a good will gesture and should not be construed in any way as an extended or implied warranty nor a statement of guarantee on either the replacement engine, the mechanical work involved, or any other part of the vehicle.

Odinn7's Auto Sales
Principal:______________________________Date:_____ _______
Principal:______________________________Date:_____ _______

Vehicle Owner:______________________________Date:_________ ___