A creditor has won a judgement against me in court for a past due medical bill, and my checking account was garnished and consequently overdrawn.
The debt was not completely discharged.

I have just filed for SS disability, and have no income and don't expect to have any soon. My family has been helping me with what they can, enough to cover rent, and I'm now receiving food stamps.

Now the same creditor has sought a bank attachment hearing. I don't understand what they hope to gain... and I'm terrified because I don't know what's going to happen as a result of their action.

I'd pay them, of course, if I could. I wasn't diagnosed correctly for years and haven't been able to work full-time.

My question is... what actions may be taken against me when this hearing takes place? Do I need to borrow more money to get a lawyer?

Thanks... C.B