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    Mar 22, 2007, 03:14 PM
    Full refund offered, What about what they put me through?
    Iwas finally offered the full price I paid 9 months ago to Home Depot for a laminate floor installed in my condo. Day after day problem after problem chance after chance they failed. Anything that could be screwed up was. When after phone calls and so many different people to tell what's happening, The way I see this corperate game is, they play is simple, wear them down. When you call their headquarters and speak to someone you think understands your problem and then the next day or same day you have something to add or another question you call and ask for so and so they say o maybe I can help you, you think OK what if I say OK. You first have to explain the whole deal. Now you get tired and shorten some of it. Next thing you hear this new person is giving you the short answer, which doesn't work out because they are answering your short version. So lets say you tell that person no you can't help me they say hold on you wait and that person is never there or off that day or went home and on and on left went to a new center, they won't let you get to them they want to wear you down. All in all Im not kidding they have screens in front of them and there told what stage of wearing them you me down. I know it sounds paroniod but this is what happened maybe, could be. Now they admit to the problem after 9 months and say when I tell them a full refund is not enough that their sorry but that's all I can offer. My question is is it worth suing them? The amount is $8000 plus so the floor is not warrantied and I get the full refund or I keep fighting them for making me crazy for 9 months?
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    Mar 22, 2007, 07:23 PM
    WeAreLost, I can tell you are frazzled and frustrated. Yes, it is very tough dealing with these large corporations and I agree with the fact that they try to wear you down so you will go away. But, my friend, you have succeeded where others have failed! Be happy. They have acknowledged their mistake and are willing to return a full refund. Yeah, you spent a lot of aggravating hours but it is what it is. Take the money and run dude!

    The only way you can possibly get more money out of them is to sue them, and the operative word is is "possibly". If you choose to do that, you won't get any money now. They will rescind their offer because you are suing them. So, it will take months, if not years to get your money out of them. They have a team of lawyers on payroll that will make you sit on your butt and wait, and wait, and wait. And, there is no guarantee the Judge will issue you a complete refund or additional compensation for pain and suffering, anguish and aggravation, or whatever your lawyer chooses to call it. In most cases, the judge will not issue a monetary award for that unless you have something to back up your claim, like 9 months of therapy bills or proof that you lost your job because you spent all of your waking hours trying to recoup your money and you cannot function the way you used to. AND then, even if you get your refund back with interest paid or additional compensation for pain and suffering, 1/3 of that will go to the greedy lawyer you have to pay to file the suit and prove your case. So, in all probability, you will come out with less than what they are willing to give you now.

    Take the FULL refund and run! Go on vacation and rest from the stress this has caused you. :)
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    Mar 22, 2007, 08:08 PM
    And I am sure you will never do business with them again ! AND tell all those who are thinking of doing business with them. Once took my daugh and wife out to Xmas eve dinner at a very well known restaurant about 3 miles from my house, it was my daughter's 18th or 19th birthday, the 24th of Dec, wife and I got our food, waited for her's to arrive at the table, they brought her someone else's meal, wife and I finished, we watched her eat her's, I was pretty upset, asked to pay only for mine and wife's but not her's, they refused, it's beein 10 years, and I have not been back in 10 years. Like RubyPitBul said, I know it's hard but don't let them stress you out, take their settlement if youre' OK with it and go on with your life. Easy for me to say, but might be difficult for you to do. Probably similar events will occur in life, hopefully not too many!

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