I live in Polk County Florida .
I am wanting to evict my 19 yr. old son from my home .He has lived here all his life. It may seem cruel and I am very heart broken over this but there are various reasons for my decision,. He's very destructive and becomes violent (without bodily harm).

I have had to call a Deputy out 6 times in the last year and refuse to put up with his behavior any longer.

All of the Deputies have told me the same thing about evicting him.
I will be going to the Court House tomorrow and want to know what to expect .
My son has never had a Job and will not look for for .

How hard will it be and what steps will I have to go through to have him evicted?
I was told by Deputies that they will serve him within a day(because he is nonpaying) . Does this mean he will be escorted off my property the day the Deputy serves him.

Any advice or facts will be greatly appreciated .