I was in an intersection preparing to turn left. Oncoming traffic had three lanes: a left turning lane (which I was facing), a middle lane, and an outside lane. The light turned yellow and the two inner lanes of cars came to a stop. One car (an SUV) in the outer lane was slowing down, so I prepared to clear the intersection, but their turn signal came on, so I waited. As they turned, the light turned red. I waited for the SUV to complete the turn and began to clear the intersection (as now there is red in all directions) when a truck came seemingly out of nowhere flying down the outside lane (the same lane the SUV had been in) and straight into the intersection, running the red. He struck me, totaling my car, but because no one stayed to be a witness, I was cited for failure to yield. Two questions: since it's my word against the other driver's, what are my chances of fighting this? What costs are involved if I lose? And if I plead no contest, what kind of fine or penalty am I looking at here in Georgia? Thanks.