As a result of reporting harassment and race discrimination, and other unfair practices, my white supervisor would gain access to my payroll times sheets, and falsity my start time, then issue me a written warning for a mis-punch. In March of 2015, I provided screen shots of the forgery, which clearly shows the supervisor using her login credentials, and changing my login start time to reflect two-hour tardiness. I provided this irrefutable evidence to HR and requested an investigation. They refused my request, and found an excuse to terminate me. In July of 2017, the EEOC failed to launch a thorough investigation, ignoring all evidence of the fact that I was terminated out of retaliation. As well as ignoring their own law that require all employers to investigate employees complaints. The employer did not and consequently, could not provide a logical explanation for wrongful termination, yet EEOC ruled in their favor, nonetheless.

This type of felony behavior from the employer clearly meets the definition of Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress on every level. Is it too late to bring charges against the company in my state of Colorado?