A few days ago I was issued a ticket for Failing to Yield, which resulted in an accident. I was pulling left out of a private drive, onto a road with 2 north bound lanes, 2 south bound lanes, and a turning lane. When I approached the end of the driveway an extended bus pulled up to turn down the lane I was waiting to turn out of. Whenever these buses pull into this drive they make a wide turn which takes up both sides of the driveway. Because of this the bus sat in it's lane and waited for me to exit the drive. I checked both ways, saw no oncoming traffic, so I proceeded onto the road. However, because the bus was sitting in my view I was unable to see a truck that was on the other side of it. As I pulled out of the drive the truck and I hit, which made me receive a failure to yield ticket. I am considering fighting this offense because the bus was blocking the roadway. I've never fought a ticket before, so any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks