While traveling on the Ohio turnpike I hit a heavy rain, hydroplaned and went into the ditch requiring a tow truck to get me out. I was not speeding, distracted, had good tires on the car and was wearing my seat belt. I was cited for "failure to control my vehicle". I avoided hitting anyone else and did no property damage. Is this a legitimate citation? If so does that mean that anyone who goes off the road in a snow storm can also be cited? I believe the reason it happened was because as I entered the heavy rain I took my foot off the accelerator, a semi-truck on my right passed me causing a water build up and wind shift that made me "float" and sent me to the ditch. I did not report this to the trooper at the time but rather simply stated that I hydroplaned and went into the ditch. I was very shook up and didn't realize I was defending myself against some sort of "crime"