In May of 2009 my husband passed away from a heroin overdose. A few years before this (I believe it was 2005 but not certain) he was injured while working for Norfolk Southern Railroad, sustaining a broken shoulder and several broken ribs, he sued the railroad and it was settled out of court. The doctor that my husband went to prescribed lortab 10, Valium and morphine for the pain. As my husband became more and more and more addicted to these drugs he started taking more and more of them at a time, his personality also began to change. He was sometimes violent towards me and the children, especially if he had run out of meds. It became so bad that we separated, but did not divorce. It was sometime after we separated that the pills alone were not working for him and he turned to heroin, also my daughter had told me that he had failed a drug test at the doctors office cut him off the meds because he failed a drug trust, even though the doctor is the one that caused the addiction. I have been unable to verify this because the doctor will not release the medical records to me. If not for the railroad and this doctor my husband would never have become addicted opiates and he would still be alive, my children would still have their father. Do I have a case?