I was disqualified for benefits because I was terminated from my employer along with another coworker for incorrect timekeeping.
I have requested a hearing and would like assistance as to what answers I may use when asking why I am appealing their decision. Both my coworker and I are single women with no other income or source of income within the household. Jobs are rather difficult to obtain with the economy and now with the termination on our records, that were previously spotless, it is even more difficult. The company we worked for did not use time clocks and we were on the honor system. A co-worker observed, through her judgement, that we had taken several extended lunch breaks. She reported us to the manager, we were written up, and sent back to our desks with our new set of rules and procedures, which we followed to the letter. A week later, HR came in and met with us and said that they decided to let us both go. What I am looking for is help with what I should expect and any legal grounds I have for the appeals process for Unemployment. The economy is very sluggish right now and without unemployment, we are going to both lose our place of residences...
Thank you,