We set up our service with our city today because our new landlord said to set it up on this day. When we called the city said they could not come out today, as they do not offer same day service. They also will not come out tomorrow (Veterans Day) and won't guarantee a time on Friday to come out. Our landlord set up service to be cut today... so they came, cut it off, put a lock on the meter and we are without water even though we paid our deposit and have never not paid a bill. 1.) Is this legal? Are some services considered life essential and have to be started within 24 hours? And 2.) If we cut the lock and only turn the water on for a little bit (like to flush the toilets, refill a water pitcher... water our dogs) and then shut it off again are we asking for a lot of trouble. They can't reasonably expect a family to go without water service for 72+ hours. Advice?