When I was in high school, I did not have great friends. This is the story of a very bad night and I am already aware that this story is filled with ridiculous/immature/inappropriate actions.
We went out to a party and I ended up drinking way too much for my body to handle, however, I remember MOST of the night.

It started with everyone encouraging me to drink a lot, so I did. Then everyone was swimming and began swimming naked and pressured me to swim naked as well. I refused for the longest time because I was uncomfortable but after repeatedly being nagged/bothered/judged, I felt forced to. Guy I was interested in tried to make moves on me, but I still said no and eventually said continued to say "I'm too sober for that." Eventually, my only 2 friends at this party had to leave so now I was alone, with no one to help me since I was so intoxicated. After this guy repeatedly asked, I agreed to hook up after MANY drinks. Then, his drunk friend intervened. He asked if he could hook up with me instead (in front of my face) and my guy basically passed me on to the friend. If I were sober I would have said no, but I was so intoxicated and could barely stand straight, so I agreed. I was driven home the next morning. Then everyone I knew found out and for weeks following this party I was made fun of, called names, and mocked for sleeping with this guy. I also found out that he tried anal without asking me, and since I was so drunk I did not say anything.

My question is: Was I sexually assaulted this night or sexually harassed the weeks following? I ask because we were both intoxicated, I agreed and partook in the activity. However, I was alone, unaware of everything happening, and was harassed about it after.