I have a single checking account that's is being garnished.

1. No notification that the garnishment was taking place or in affect.
2. My work requires direct deposit.
3. Every dime I make is gone the moment it is deposited.
4. I went to court about a year ago and signed saying I agreed to pay this debt.
5. The debt is about 9,000 dollars.

When I found out about the garnishment I got the bank to give me a print out. The Date the garinshment Started was Mar. 02, 06 The print out says
Holds Expiration Date
9,000 Garnishment from Creditor Apr 02, 06

I have two questions.
1. Can they garnish without notifying me, and if so can they take my entire income leaving me with nothing to pay rent, bills, food etc..?

2. Does this expire like the expiration date on the print out the bank gave me says??

TIA for any answers...