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    Feb 5, 2011, 08:19 PM
    Caught shoplifting in walmart
    How long does walmart keep surveilance tapes?

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Got caught shoplifting a Walmart. No police were called. What will happen? [ 3 Answers ]

Hello and thank you for helping me. I am so scarred right no and any advice would be awesome. I am 17 years old and have been caught shoplifting at Walmart. The cosmetics I took would have come out to be about $40. I was taken to the back office and they took down my information such as name,...

Caught shoplifting at walmart [ 5 Answers ]

I was caught shoplifting 20.03 worth of merchandise I was brought in to a room and told it was not enough to call police but they took my info and saud I would most likely get a fine when does the letter come? How much am I looking at? And how do they determine the amout? Do they review tapes?

First offence shoplifting from walmart... Over 18... What will happen? [ 5 Answers ]

I was caught shoplifting a laptop at walmart about 2 weeks ago... they gave me a blue slip with a court date on it... I have stole from walmart before but never got caught... so I'm just wondering what will happen because I have heard that walmart will do everything they can to convict people... so...

Caught shoplifting at walmart [ 5 Answers ]

I was caught shoplifting at Wal-Mart and although no charges were filed,they told me I was banned for life from wal-mart , sam's club and so forth.I am not stupid enough to go back into the same wal-mart,however,if I pay cash how can they monitor whether I shop in another walmart?

Shoplifting at Walmart [ 17 Answers ]

I am a 20 male, part-time employed, college student. I got caught stealing from Walmart. I say that without having any feeling of shame or regret, because of my own views of the corporate world. But that's beside the point. The total dollar amount of the stuff I got caught stealing was around 20...

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