I have been dealing with someone harassing my family & I for more than three years. She follows me often. Has mailed letters to myself & my husband as well as taping letters on the door of his place of employment. She is constantly confronting my teenage daughters, other family members and friends telling them horrible lies, that I am using drugs and cheating on my husband. Which is entirely untrue. She has made false reports to Police and DFS on more than one occasion, which were all proved to be (by them) to be unfounded. Saying my husband & I abuse our children, who are 19, 17, & 15 years old.
She will stop at nothing to get us divorced, she had an affair with my husband and since that didn't cause us to part this is what I endure day after day. She currently attempting to get me fired from my job. Is there ANYTHING at all I can do to put a stop to this once and for all?
Please help.
p.s. I live in Wyoming