I opened a new checking account online , then I went to my local branch and signed the signature card and made a deposit. I was told my account was ready to go. I made a deposit to this account on October 31 to cover payment for a new Insurance policy I was taking out. We had insurance with this company I just put it in my name and cancelled it out of my daughters name. I received my insurance cards in the mail on Novemeber 8. On November 10 , my son , who was named on the policy was in a wreck on his way home from school (16 years old ) The car was totaled and there was damage to a utility pole that will have to be replaced. I find out from the Insurance company that my policy was retroactively cancelled on October 31 due to non payment from my bank. I had not received any notice prior to this that my policy was cancelled. I was told they received notice from my bank on November 7th, and they had yet to notify me ( they sent me emails prior to this about my coverage and payments just not that I was cancelled) , I called my bank about this error and why I wasn't notified that they did not honor this payment and was told there was a freeze on my account awaiting signature card . I told them I had already signed this card in a local branch and was told my account was ready for use. I had even already received a statement from the bank on this account and had made deposits to this account. I was never told there was a freeze. I was also never told they did not honor payment to the insurance company. Now I am responsible for the damages and now my son will also be charged for driving with no insurance. And I also had a daughter who has to keep sr22 filings and may now face re suspension of her driving privledges. All due to the banks error. Can I hold them responsible for these damages? I also now have to purchase new insurance at a higher rate due to the cancellation and lapse in my coverage. I Live in Ohio.