I had a credit card in my name that my husband at the time said he was paying. I was paying other bills. He didn't pay. He said he would "handle it". He did this by getting me sued, he and a lawyer friend of his "handled it" all right. He said he was paying again but he didn't. I took over payments in 2013. I was told the judgment was for $15,690. I starting paying monthly. Recently I divorced my husband and in the decree he was supposed to pay for the credit card. I contacted the people who had the judgment and they told me that I owed $31,000 and I had paid $10,150 already. They said that the original order gave them interest which I was never told. I had never seen the judgment, I trusted what he told me. I got a copy of the judgment and he had forged my signature on the judgment and it was notarized. The paperwork said that I appeared in court.. I never did.. I didn't know that it had gone to court. He told me that he had agreed to make payments with the cc company.