I have been out sick for 3 weeks with pneumonia. Doctors note excusing me from 6/5 threw 6/18. Went back to work for 1 day on 6/19. So sick still, lungs in pain. Revisited doctor for the 3rd time and he authorized me to be out again from 6/20 thew 6/24. My very first visit was with a nurse Practitioner. My employer is very upset that I have been gone for so long. Told me he is on the fence with me, on what to do with me. I have been working there for almost 4 years and have had 2 longer medical leaves. 1 for a surgery, out about 1 n 1/2 months. 2nd broke my arm, and home for a month or little more. Of course working there this long there have been times of head colds or just the 2, 3 day flu we all get. Is it legal to fire me for being out this time with pneumonia? And having all my doctors information for him?