I moved in with my boyfriend upon a verbal agreement that I didn't have to pay rent or utilities since I was relocating from orange county to central coast and took over a half cut in pay and changing careers. I have been residing at his home for 9 months and have since gotten rid of all my furniture at the request of him to accommodate his home. Many of my things have also been damaged by him and are not replaceable.

We are in the process of splitting up and he has tried to throw me out of the house with no where to go on several occasions. In the process, we have argued he has become verbally abusive on a daily basis and has been physically abusive in the past which I didn't bother to report. I stayed away for a couple of weeks and no longer have a place to stay so I agreed to move into the front room to have my own space so I can focus on school and work while I save money to relocate back to orange county after I find work there.

I feel he is partially responsible for bringing me here and is now trying to leave me with nothing. I have documented all my expenses and difference in income and have asked him to meet me half way and help me financially so I can move out but he is refusing.

What rights do I have regarding our verbal agreement?