Hello well firstly I'm a student and I seriously got no money at all. I purchased a study guide from a teacher to study for a test to get into graduate school and I had to sign a document saying I am the purchaser and ill not make illegal copies etc so I did. I bought it but now I decided I do not want to be in this field anymore so I just sold my copy and I seen people selling their copy of this study guide on the web too. I tried selling it on eBay but I didn't do it right cause apparently I posted it twice again after I already sold mine and sent the package to the person. The teacher who sold me the study guide saw the 2 posts on eBay and bought both and sent me an email saying he's contacted his lawyer and they will be using my signed form as proof and they will do litigation against me. I'm so scared I just sold my copy and I didn't make multiple its just mine and I don't know wha tto do I just messaged him saying I did it on accident but there's no response, I don't know what to do. Will I be in big trouble? Help.

This was all online and this teacher and his company sell these study guides for students to study they're in a diff state

I don't know what to do and I'm scared I don't even have a lawyer or know anything about all of that stuff.

No I didn't try to take it off cause at first my one I was selling wasn't getting bids so I tried to make them show more now this guy thinks I am selling so many copies. I did only sell mine but that's it.

Since he bought it back so no one else could bid on it I told him I can show him the receipt of who I sold mine to and even if I have to ill send all the money I got from it back but I didn't make copies I just sold mine I'm scared now about this cause I've never been in this situation before.