Hi :) , we've lived in our house six months now, and over the past few weeks, we've noticed a strange smell. The house is about 70 years old, carpets are about a year old, kitchen is all new, bathrooms fairly new. Some of the walls are anaglypta, and although they feel a little spongy underneath, they don't smell of damp or anything.
We've checked the drains outside, and there's no problem there, same goes for the chimney.
The smell is sort of a rotting cabbage smell, not like waste or drains really, more of a decay smell. :(
Sometimes it's very weak and other times very strong, so strong it makes me heave :( , and sometimes it's not there at all. It comes and goes all the time.
It's only been in one room upstairs, it seems to start at the top of the stairs, and get stronger as you go down. It's particularly strong at the bottom of the stairs, next to the electricity cupboard, although we've had this checked and there seems to be no problem. :confused:
The strength of the smell varies all throughout the house, for example it can be really strong in the lounge, then weaker in the living room, then very strong in the kitchen again.
I've noticed the smells heavier in certain spaces, like near the electricity cupboard as I said.
The only thing that seems to get rid of it is if we burn Joss sticks and light lots of strong candles, as well as open all the windows. Room sprays just mask it, and we have to do something to get rid of it, as it's unpleasant for us as well as any visitors we have round.

Apparently an old lady lived in the house a few years before us, and we have had some fairly strange "supernatural" expiriences, such as weird scratches that can't be explained, and sometimes, my eyes water and I can't stop sneezing (I don't have allergies though :confused: )

I'd like to try and find a different explanation to the smell before I go down the paranormal route.

Any idea's as to what it might be? :(