Hi! We have recently moved into a different house. It is an old house with add ons. The smell seems to be coming from the toilet area and washroom area. However, we smell it throughout other parts of the house at times. At first I thought that it was the water in the toilet but it doesn't seem to be. Also, we have put deoderizers in the toilet tank and the toilet bowl. We live in a tiny little town but are on city water and sewer. We have caught 4 mice since we moved in (the little town is basically in the country) so at firsst I thought it might be due to having some mice. But then I read that the smell you get with mice is a musty smell. Well this definitely is not a musty smell, it is an icky foul smell! I don't see any floor drains at all, it is a fairly small one level house with a crawl space under most and only cement foundation under the add-on part (which is where the bathroom is located). Any ideas? I have a real thing about smells and it is most certainly grossing me out!! :eek: Thanks!