We recently bought our home. We have only been living in it for about 2 - 3 months now. It had been vacant for about 7 months prior to that. When we looked at the house (which we did several times before purchasing, there was NO SMELL - except the usual empty house smell.

We had a very extensive home inspection done as well. No smell was present at that time.

Here in the past 30 days or less there has been a rancid rotton egg smell developing in ONE area, it is in our master bedroom closet - and ONLY there. This room is centrally located in the house. It is almost directly in the middle of the house. Walls on all four touching another space in the home (no outside connection). There are no pipes close enough - the kitchen pipes are the closest and we have no smell in the kitchen or in the master bath.

We had an extensive home inspection done on the place before we moved in. It took SEVERAL hours and my husband was with the inspector the entire time so saw everything he did. They found No mold, or other indications of wetness/leaks anywhere. The attic space was dry as could be.

We have taken everything out of the closet and see nothing.

We have ONLY electric in our house so no gas or propane.

Does anyone have any ideas what this smell could be. It started with just a light smell, now it has become over powering and we Have to keep the closet closed at all times.

If anyone could help that would be great. This has gotton so bad I am really beginning to worry - especially now with the weather warming up. I expect is just going to get worse.

Thanks so much,