I have a 2008 Mercedes Benz C300 and I am trying to program my car to my garage door opener, I lost the remote and had it programmed in my other car but mistakenly erased the settings. I have a Overhead garage door opener that was bought and put in 1992 Model is 555. The over head has three buttons on the back of the motor ,(f+, f- and SC) when I press 'SC' the light blinks on the motor then goes off in 30 seconds, in between the 30 seconds I try to push the middle button inside the car to program that button, then after 30 seconds a solid light comes on the overhead for about 5 seconds then goes off. I press the middle button in the car again and nothing happens.. Do I need to buy a remote and program that for it to work for my car? Or someone has a suggestion, please help.. Its cold outside and I hate to have to run around the house to get in and then let my garage up in order to park my car inside.. HELP!!