I had my car detailed 4 weeks ago because it smelled like spoiled milk. My son's sippy cup had leaked into the carpet of the car and it smelled so the car wash said they could get it out. When I picked up the car it had a very distinct smell and the car wash people said that would go away in a day or two. After 2 weeks they told me the smell that would Not go away was from them cleaning the car's carpets with vinegar to neutralize the spoiled milk smell. They have now cleaned the car's carpets 2 more times to try and "rinse" out the left over vinegar. Still it will not go away. I actually work out of the car and spend hours driving every week and in the middle of the winter I am driving with my windows down to just breathe. Last time I asked if they had diluted the vinegar or just used it straight and they said of course the diluted but why would it smell so strongly after a month? What can I do to get this smell out of my car?