My 17 yr old sons bedroom has, for the past 2 months, had an awful smell - like strong fish - which really catches the back of your throat! I know most people will say all boys rooms smell - but this is different! It started two months ago - for no apparent reason. His sisters say it is him - he has a disease or something!! (as sisters do). Seriously - I have washed and hoovered as per usual. Always have to have the window open. It is really weird because sometimes you think oh its going and then the next day you open the door and it hits you full in the face. My son sleeps in another room now as it is so strong. It seems to get stronger some days more than others. So today I have taken every item of clothing, shoes, books, papers etc etc. There is nothing left in the room. The inside and outside of the two wardrobes have been disinfected - the wooden floor has been hoovered and scrubbed - and still there is this awful fish smell. I was even thinking it may be a poltergeist!! Please help!