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    Feb 5, 2019, 05:23 PM
    Will I pass?
    I had 2 beers 54 hours ago, do you think ill pass?
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    Feb 6, 2019, 03:17 AM
    If you've had no additional alcohol other than what you divulged, there's no way any alcohol will show up on a breath test after 54 hrs; you would blow 0.000 % serum ethanol concentration. For people experiencing diabetic ketosis, most of the acetone is lost through urination, however it will be detected on an alcohol breath test and artificially raise the subject's true blood alcohol concentration.
    Everyone should always request a blood test rather than a breath test for ethanol. Firstly, it provides a more accurate result if done properly. Secondly, there is a reasonable chance the analysis will be screwed up such that the results would not be allowed as evidence in court and the case would be dismissed. If the chain of custody is missing one signature or shows that the sample was not in a signatory's custody for every second until analysis, it's no good. Was a standard analysed before AND after your sample to ensure the analytical instrument was "in control" when your sample was analysed? Were no more than 10 samples run before another standard was run? Two blood samples should have been taken and analysed; was this the case? Was the tech's qualification on the analytical instrument up to date?
    It's easy for the cops to botch a blood sample analysis; they don't hire the smartest people after all.

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