Hiii, Umm... sometimes my heart hurts, And I have no clue why... Sometimes during the night it randomly hurts... that's when it occurs most but sometimes occurs during the day too... and like sometimes when I breathe in my heart hurts! It's insane seriously... and like... sometimes my chest hurts too? When I breathe in... =/ And also.. that isn't all... I get dizzy too! When I get dizzy... I can't see nothing all I see is "BLACKNESS" and.. I hear this weird ringing sound in my ear or head not sure?. And I sometimes fall from getting dizzy I don't feel myself falling and I don't feel myself hitting the ground... Could it be Heart problems or asthma.. And I'm only 15 year old.. So I don't think this should be happening at my age, And I'm to scared to tell my mom... Cause I never tell her ANYTHING... :( :(