I did something really stupid. I bought some Kellogg's Fiber Plus granola bars 3 days ago. I wasn't paying attention to the "fiber" part. I just thought they looked good, and they were on sale.

So I ate 3 or 4 of them on my lunch break. I know, very stupid. Each bar has 35% of your daily fiber. I know that now.

So obviously I had the worst gas/bloating/diahrrea I've ever had, and it was funny at first.

However, it went beyond that. The next day I couldn't eat at all. If I so much as just MOVED, my stomach hurt so bad I had to just stay still. I couldn't even sit up without being in terrible pain. This was happening even though I had already been to the bathroom more than 5 times.

And I am still feeling stomach pain, 3 days later. I can barely eat without feeling so full I could puke. When I try to breathe deeply it hurts my stomach really bad. I can't sleep laying on my stomach or my side because it hurts my stomach, right there between my ribs in the center. Feels like someone's punching me. Also it's hurting across my back as well, making it very hard to move around.

I have a constant feeling of bloat and stomach pain, and feeling like I need to throw up. But using the bathroom, trying to throw up, nothing is relieving this "full" painful feeling.

This feeling is horribly similar to what I felt whilst laying on the bathroom floor at work an hour before they took me to the emergency room and found a gallstone. I mean, my stomach and back hurt so bad that it hurts to breathe in all the way, making me breathe shorter, faster breaths. I have noticed that if I lift my breasts (they are size D so they can be heavy) and stretch out my torso, it hurts less to breathe in. So that tells me it's my stomach, right?

I looked online and found that a lot of people had similar reactions to the same granola bars, and they ate less than I did. =P

Will this feeling pass on its own if I just give it a few more days, or should I be worried? I don't like feeling like I've just left an all-you-can-eat buffet 24/7. :(