After complaining to my condo management for two years I was notified that the horrible ordor in my unit is sewer gas. The order has persisted off and on for approximately three or four years. At first I dismissed it as a backed up drain and continued to use spray and wick deoderizers. I was constantly pouring vinegar, bleach, and baking soda into my kitchen and bathroom drains. After extensive reseach I discovered these gases are deadly and can be ignited easily. I am very upset to learn that serious respiratory, neurological, sensory complications, occular irritations, are just some of the problems brought on by exposure to this gas. I have suffered with respiratory problems that began about a year ago. Many nights I wake up with uncontrollable coughing and nausea. I live alone and had to call 911 a few months ago due to the inability to breathe. It was about five minutes after the EMT administered oxygen before I could breathe again. Where do I go from here? Who or what agency can help me with the sewer gas problem.