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    May 30, 2018, 07:00 AM
    Urine Alcohol Screen
    EtG says detected(1710ng/ml)
    EtS says detected (313 ng/ml)

    Are those positive for alcohol consumption? My liver function numbers are high due to liver disease and medications I am taking. I am blood tested regularly
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    May 31, 2018, 06:55 AM
    Maybe this will help you understand your numbers which should be talked about with your doctor.

    Drug Toxicology Monitoring Alcohol Metabolites, with Confirmation, Urine (90418)

    Even court ordered drug tests must take into account your medical history and treatment, and you are obligated to disclose such history to them. I do know of people who have failed court ordered alcohol and drug testing even though they were abstinent, and later found to be suffering unknown to them of liver/kidney diseases.

    I am sure your doctor has talked to you about your results, and he would be well within his professional capacity to suspect alcohol usage.

    The short answer is YES, your tests results would trigger a positive for alcohol use by a COURT ordered testing agency, or a health care professional.

    RESULTS: Urine EtG (sensitivity 76%, specificity 93%) and urine EtS (sensitivity 82%, specificity 86%) performed well in identifying recent drinking, and liver disease severity does not affect biomarker performance. After elimination of 1 false-negative self-report, urine EtG > 100 ng/ml was 100% specific for drinking within the past week, whereas 9% of the subjects without evidence of alcohol drinking for at least 1 week had EtS > 25 ng/ml. CONCLUSIONS: Urine EtG and EtS can objectively supplement the detection of recent alcohol use in patients with liver disease. Additional research may determine optimal methods for integrating these tests into clinical care.

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