I've been miserable for 3 weeks. For 5 days I had unbearable pain and thought I had the flu. I took a lot of ibuprophen for the pain and slept for 3 days pretty much non stop. Then I went to work for two days and a small rash appeared on my back. I thought it was wearing a new pair of slacks! A day later boy did I blossom. I got the most hurtful rash in the pubic area, groin, inner leg, and more on the low back!

I went to the Emergency room and they diagnosed it as shingles and gave me the anti viral pill that is suppose to help. I was in serious pain for at least another week. They also gave me percoset. I took two with 800 mg. of ibuprophen (that must give you an idea of the pain! ).

Finally, almost a week later I got an appt with a dr. Because this happened before Christmas, no one could see me. My gyn most definitely wouldn't see me as it is very contagious and not a good thing for pregnant ladies. The md. Gave me neurontin which is suppose to control the pain. About a week later, last Thur, one lesion in my groin still was there and I went to her to see what to do and to get another note about work the following Tue. She said she couldn't do that for 4 days away and again, sent me to the skin dr. who was not very helpful. She told me to walk around the house naked, which I cannot do, so I did the next best thing and am wearing a skirt! She would not give me the lidoderm patch as she said that was a MD thing!

In desperation, I called another dr. I know on Dec. 23 and he prescribed the lidoderm patch. Finally relief at night. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was waking up every 3 hrs in serious pain and taking vicadin and tylenol (the skin Dr's office did prescrib that after Christmas but only 20 so I used them sparingly). I should have used two at a time and not suffered!

So I am supposedly suppose to go back to work today, Tue, and can't. I am still wiped, tired, sleeping loads and have a lesion in the groin that isn't drying out the way the others have!

Any suggestions? I can't see me going back to work this week, or at least not for full days. I am on my feet all day and walking as I am a teacher! Sitting is not better either because of where I have the former rash.. it gets irritation.

I am thinking that I should go to a female neurologist and maybe she will know exactly what to do. My gyn won't see me and I can understand why but this running from MD to skin Dr. is the pits. Why would I be so wiped out? Stress? Possibly from all of the pain from the last few weeks.

I forgot to mention that it spread to my butt, and leg and possibly crotch but no one has looked there. It is itching and part of my body is numb, which I understand is also from the shingles. I had chicken pox 2 times and shingles once as a kid. Wow, I sure got this in a vengeance.

Any info and/or advice would be so appreciated. Any thoughts on whether this can get worse by stress? I have a stressful job? I am calling MD today and hope she is not going to send me to the skin dr. again!