Ive been addicted to weed for about a couple of months. I used to smoke everyday throughout my whole junior year of high school. I quit smoking on July 16th 2010. And ever since then I've noticed something weird. Every time I breathe people rub their nose. Like I could be 20 feet away and they would rub their nose. I don't know what's wrong with me. Its like I'm breathing bacteria or something. I brush my teeth two times a day and use mouth wash. I try to keep my mouth as clean as possible. Even when I breathe out of my nose I notice people rub their noses. Maybe its something wrong on the inside of my body, I don't know. Someone please help!
I feel so uncomfortable around people, when I'm in school I don't even breathe when I'm close to someone.
This has made me very unhappy, and anti social.