Until recently, I never had a problem with excess saliva at night. But the last 4-6 weeks, I have noticed my pillows get INCREDIBLY wet with drool while I am sleeping. I'm not talking about a small mouth sized patch, it tends to spread over nearly half the pillow. I often find I have to find a dry patch at the other end or turn my pillow over. It often spills over onto my chest and bedsheet as well.

I have NEVER drooled in my sleep before, except when I was very young and would sleep heavily and there would be a small amount of drool on my pillow, but this current amount seems excessive and very unusual for me. I've never experienced drooling on a regular basis, but this is happening EVERY night and it's driving me crazy!

Does anyone know if it's something that can be fixed? It's extremely uncomfortable and it's breaking my sleep.