Let me start by saying that I already looked at this article (https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/crimin...ol-103834.html) and it did not provide the answers I was looking for.

It is estimated that it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes for your body to metabolize 1 standard drink. What exactly does that mean? After the alcohol is metabolized is it still able to be detected via urine?
If I were to take 10-15 "standard drinks" (shots) in a night (lets say starting at 10 PM and ending at 1 AM) how long would I have to wait until I were able to pass a urine sample? (at what time the next day would I pass the exam)

Does drinking massive amounts of water / exercising really have a effect on the results?

I am not an alcoholic, I was referred to the PC.1000 program for possession of a controlled substance. This program rules state that I cannot drink for 4 months, my 21st is soon and I guarantee you that I am not planning on staying sober for it (or even before it). I believe that I should abstain from all drug usage but I believe that it is irrelevant to include alcohol in the stipulations.