Im sort of worried, I'm only 19 years old, I've got severe back and side pain (around the hip area on the right side) and I get heat flashes sometimes. I have noticed within the last 2-3 weeks, I've had shortness of breath with very little work, mainly when I get upset, if I get upset my whole body heats up and my chest feels like its tightening, and there's pain as well as my breathing is stopped, when my chest hurts I'm unable to breath but it doesn't last for a long time, I have shoulder pain, side pain, knee pain, possible carpo tunnel, and just my entire back is in so much pain its hard for me to even lay down and fall asleep. I've been waking up several times every night, I can't sleep all the way, I've been tired a lot lately, and drinking a lot as well, I take Naproxen 375mg once a day, I take 3 of them, to help my back pain, and I take once a day birth control, I guess I eat junk a lot, but not as much as people might think, I may have gingivitis in my right side of my mouth, since it hurts around my gums, I feel sick sometimes like I'm going to throw up, and if I do something, even just ride a bike for a couple minutes I'm out of breath, and my left leg hurts extremely badly, I am overweight and because of that all my doctor said was the pain was because of my weight, she wouldn't even let me finish telling her my problems, I weigh about 250 lbs now, and I've also been overcome with random depression as well as anxiety feeling. Since my doctor won't let me tell her my problems does anyone have any advice they might know what could be wrong, or maybe what I should request to be done, like tests or something to help me.