I have a lot of discharge and fishy smell. About 5 yrs ago I noticed it for the 1st time. I was treated then for BV. It never really went away and I went to 4 other doctors within about 3years and they all told me I was fine and that everything was normal. I totally disagree. This cannot be normal!! I thought maybe women just go through this as they get older and I just tried to live with it. I have to shower two times a day and I always wear panty liners. After asking my mother and other people about this it doesn't seem to be normal and after looking it up online I am pretty sure its BV. The only office that ever told me that I had this before was planned parenthood and I wanted to go there again but I have to wait two weeks before I can go. Is there ANYTHING I can do to at least help with the symptoms? I am so desperate to get rid of this! Please! Any advice is appreciated.