I have so many problems with sd cards.1 is that its like they have a virus infection which cannot be removed by regular anti viruses.you transfer music files to the sdcards lets say like 400mb of songs,it displays empty and in the folder options 9show hidden files is ticked very well).when you put a small amount of songs let say 10 songs 3mb each,they play well.when you put large 3gp movies it says bad format and when you copy songs until its full,it saya bad format also.when you try to delete the folders which display as empty while in their properties they show they have something, with the help of a computer,it says it cannot delete folder because folder is not empty.when you try to delete with phone,it says msdc error.what can I do to these sd cards?how can I remove this virus if it is a virus.Nb:when I reformat the sdcards the same problem starts when I copy the songs again meaning that if it is a virus it cannot be eliminated by formatting.
Secondly the other says track 0 bad- unable to format.Is there a program to format this type of sdcard?
I have tried cmd with fs functions but I get the same thing-track 0 bad-unable to format.