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    Apr 26, 2005, 05:11 AM
    Packard Bell Diamond 1200 plus flat bed scanner
    I have one of the above scanners. Since I upgraded to Windows Xp Pro I cannot get it to scan. When I look in System Manager it says that the scanner is installed OK and the icon shows on the My Computer screen
    Is this a problem with my scanner or my USB installation? Anybody any ideas or solutions?
    John Oz
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    Apr 26, 2005, 05:21 AM
    Did you check for updated XP drivers? Pack Bell is long gone so I doubt if this scanner is supported any longer. Many scanners would not work with XP or needed new drivers.
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    Apr 26, 2005, 05:30 AM

    The following link is supposed to be the XP driver for this scanner..

    And, the patch for it..

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    May 31, 2008, 01:27 PM
    I really had a tough time but finally I managed to install the PB Diamond 1200 plus scanner. My trick was using some files from an old C-partition backup mede before upgrading to SP2.

    Today I have an XP-installation upgraded to SP3 and the scanner works perfectly with panel functions.

    This is a somewhat stripped installation. I have removed all but the panel and scanner Twain settings installation like games, and FineReader

    These are the steps I followed.


    As this was a reinstall I first completely removed the old (not working) folder

    "C:\Program files\Packard Bell Diamond 1200Plusprogram"

    As this folder got locked by a previous attempt to install the scanner I hade to switch to another OS, on a separtate partition and remove it from there. But you might be able to remove the folder it if you start XP in safe mode (pressing F8 while booting up) See also below.


    I used part of a method found in one of the fourums :

    A. Make sure you have the product CD. If you haven't this can work with drivers found on the web, I have only tried with the CD-drivers.

    B. Plug the scanner in.

    C. Windows will ask for the drivers. Tell it to search for them and then specify a location. Specify the WinXP directory on the CD.

    3. I pasted copies of the two old folders from the old (made before SP2) installation

    "C:\Program files\Packard Bell Diamond 1200Plus"

    I believe these both folders have standard content, that is independent from hardware configuration. I have made them available in a zip-file here :

    If this does not work you might have to try to make an installation from the product CD and then replace the "C:\Program files\Packard Bell Diamond 1200Plus" with the old revcovered version. Problem is to delete this folder. As mentioned it gets locked and you will have to find a workaround to delete it, maybe by booting up in recovery mode, using the with the Windows insallation CD or any other bootable recovery disk.

    Good luck


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