My husband passed away just over three years ago from cancer. He was diagnosed when our daughter was three weeks old and passed away just before she turned two. I am now a thirty year old devoted single mom. I struggled a lot with the death of my husband as he was my best friend and the person I was closest to. To complicate my situation a bit - and I am adding it in as it's relevant to my story - I am completely blind in one eye and have limited vision in the other eye. I am however a multimedia graphic designer - a profession I chose as I am able to work on the computer with the screen rather close and am rather artistic. The reason why I mentioned all this is that with the death of my husband, my independence in just doing rather normal things - such as getting to work, taking my daughter to school and other places (I cannot drive with my eyesight) - that I had with him in my life was of course now gone. Because we did everything together when he was alive, me not driving was never really an issue but after he passed away I began to have to rely a lot on relatives for assistance to get us around. This resulted in my having to often leave my daughter for the night with grandparents etc. as it seemed such an inconvenience for everyone to drop her off at home if it was late at night after I had to finish what I was doing. This happened for the first two years after he passed away and soon I began to notice that my daughter's Godparents - my late husband's brother and his wife - who have no children of their own by choice - were starting to want her more often than was necessary and almost demand and expect to have her when they want, as if it was a right of theirs. They would also take her out without inviting me along and then drop her off at their convenience, which was more often than not; hours after the time I had asked them to bring her back. I started to feel that they were taking advantage of the situation with regard to my nature in letting them have her so much as well as the fact that I could not pick her up myself. The problem that exacerbated it for me was that with the assistance I was getting I also felt uncomfortable to tell them how I felt and even a bit beholden to them. What changed for me was that I decided earlier this year to hire a driver to drive me in the car that that was my late husband's which totally changed my lack of independence and sort of made the whole situation of my life and my daughters a bit more normal. The consequence was of course that I was now no longer asking for their assistance and so therefore now seeing them as often. The result however is that I am being called vindictive as they are now only occasionally seeing my daughter - as much as the other Aunts and Uncles are. What makes it worse for me is that they want personal time her without me included and usually on weekends. I feel that my daughter and I have our own lives together - and I want to spend that time with her especially as I work full day in the week so evenings with her until she goes to bed in the week are rather short. I hate dumping her at everyone and would rather that she and I do things together. She is only 5 and I just feel their interest in her is a bit like two people who want to be her parents rather than two loving Godparents - it's upsetting me and making me feel possessive which I hate. Am I wrong?