Today was mothers day. I got my mom a very nice card and my sister and I bought her a barbecue, she said thank you to my sister but not me. Then my mom bought all the mothers a card and present... except me. She even gave my sister one, who isn't even a mother, in the card she talked about how my sister has basically raised my son. SHE DID NOT. I just don't undertstand it. She is so mean to me all the time, telling me to lose wieght, be nicer to bay, etc. She puts my sister up on a pedistal, and puts me in the ground. She never tells me she is proud of me for everything I am doing, and I thought this mothers day she would. My brother who is a drug attict is moving up here and she is bending over backwards for him, but I ask her to watch my son and she acts like I am asking for the world. I am just never going to be accepted by her and it hurts so much. She has said in the past that her favortie children are jenny and Chuckie. What mother does that? I have never felt adeguate and now it is bringing down myself esteem. My husband wants to do something about how she treats me... should I let him? I have tried talking to her about it she tells me that I am overexateraing. I am sick of being last all the time. The only time she wants me around is when I have Bay, otherwise she acts like I am a burden. She hates my husband, who has been nothing but supportive and loving. I am just so confused. What would you guys do in this situation?