Me and one of my best friends have been friends for nearly 3 years now and he has been there for me through spick and span, even when my other best friend and I split. This other best friend and I were friends for over 13 years and well, when we split, it was pretty devastating for me. When I was sad and everything because of that unfortunate event, he was still there for me... so with that, I had the oddest feeling to get him something. Something for the both of us that we can keep with each other always, like something to wear. But the thing is that I'm a guy, and well he's a guy as well. So the thing is that I can't think of anything like that... Like girls have those necklaces that have a split heart with one side saying best and the other friend, and many other things like as well. Though, I can't think of something like that for guys. I want to give him something like that, but I don't want it to look as if me and him are homosexuals, because were not. I need some suggestions.