My sister, brother, and I had decided to send my parents to Vegas to see the La Reve show for their 25th anniversary. Since we wished we could've sent them to a much nicer place, but couldn't afford it, we just decided to make the main gift the tickets-since they've been dying to see that show-and since it just so happens to be in Vegas, we would have course make accommodations for them to stay there with some food arrangements and everything.. even though it was really hard on us.
Fortunately for us, we have a large extended family who decided to chip in/help us out, by giving each member of the family something to take over/pay for (like an aunt would pay for the hotel stay, etc.) since they were already going to get my parents an anniversary gift either way and of course this seemed more convenient for all!

It went something like this:
Aunt and Uncle & Cousin & wife paid for their hotel stay at the Encore (by Wynn)
Other Uncle & Grandmother paid for their round-trip flight tickets
My sister, brother and myself paid for the La Reve show tickets, along with a 5-star Dinner at one of the best restaurants - "Sinatra" AND Dinner the following night (the actual night of their anniversary) at the Eiffel tower Rest. In the Paris hotel (plus little things here and there like Limo service for certain days/nights, room set up properly with champagne and all that)
And last but not least: 2 couples (my other two cousins and their wives/husbands) are going to give them some cash to spend any way they like--most prob. To be used for other things needed there!

Now, (finally) We have been racking our brains trying to come up with a brilliant scheme to put this all together, but present it to them SEPARATELY!
One thing we came up with is for each person to come with just a simply wrapped square (not too big) gift box--each persons gift inside but obviously in some sneaky fun unique way, cause they're obviously not actual gifts to be unwrapped... somewhere along those lines you know? Or we could fill one or some of the boxes with travel items (cotton swabs, hairbrush, razors, mini shampoos, soaps.. etc.) and or fill it or another box with vegas items like dice, vegas shotglasses and souvineers we have... stuff like that. Still, I don't know how to really pull it together!
I'm sorry this has been such a LONG e-mail, but please I'm desperate for any suggestions-just really crazy unique fun ways that'll REALLY keep 'em guessing! Any help will be soooooo appreciated... PLEEEASE!!
Thank you SO SO much,