I have been married to my husband for the past 3 years. And I have a 22 month old son with my husband. Ever since I got married to my husband my step daughter has been very rude, disrespectful and mean to me. I have tried all I could to make her realize that I care about her, and that she is a part of me and my husband. She is my husband's daughter and my son's step sister, so she is part of our family. But all my efforts has been in vain. She went around destroying my image to her friends, and other family members. She tries everything scheme she has up her sleeves to compete with me for my husband's affection, as if we are rivals.
When I had my son, I had C-section, I returned home and 2 days later my step daughter wanted a fight with me, that same night she nearly killed my son with the TV remote control. I did not call the police on her, because I felt my husband will think I hate his daughter.
I have spoken to my husband in different occasion about this issue, but he shoves it aside, saying my step daughter has bipolar. This has been the excuse. He said I should always let it pass. I also told him about how my step daughter told me that she pretends just to get her way. But my husband still feels that his Daughter has no ill feelings towards me.
This is so difficult, because at every given opportunity she just wants to humiliate me.
My Step daughter will be 24 years old in December. My step daughter's mother died when she was 11 months old. So she has no mom. I have tried everything to show love and care, but nothing is working.
I love my husband and family, but I need advice on how to deal with this issue. I have tried being gentle, kind, patient and thoughtful towards my step daughter. She has even threatened to poison me and nobody will ever find out she did it, and nobody will find out about what she poisoned me with. I do not want her to hurt my son or I.
My husband always tells me that I should not pay any attention to her that she is just joking, but in my heart I feel she is serious. Everybody thinks I am over reacting. But they all take her side by pointing out to me that she has bipolar. She has been living with her grandmother for the past 1 year. But right now my mother in-law is traveling to Connecticut to spend the summer with her other son, and she wants my step daughter to come live with my husband, myself and my 22 month old son.
I do not want to leave my husband because of my step daughter. I really do not know what to do. I want Peace of mind in my marriage and in my home, but I am so tired of my step daughter’s drama.
What should I do in this situation?