My husband and I took his daughter, son in law and two grandbabies in when they didn't have any where to go. There apt was being fumicated They stay with us for over two weeks until the daughter blew her cool over me asking her 21 month girl not to touch the dogs... one is pregnant. They stormed out here that night went back to their apt for a coulple of nights. On the Sunday they were at their friends home visiting unfortunly the 4 month old died the case is still under investication! We made all the funneral arangements etc. They have been extremely rude calling me everyname in the book because I can not go to any funneral. I lost a son since then been diag with bipolor etc. They refuse to pay what they owe on a car that they bought on payments from my daughter. My husbasnd was theating several times about not paying any thing they owed included the car. I have tried to reasonalbe about this since the funeral but I can not allow them not to pay their bill They feel that we owe them not the other way Can any one help?