Ok my sister is a control freak.

It all starts back when I was born. She was jealous as a child (she was 6 when I was born) even though mum would give me one knee and her the other.

Then when I het 12 I started what she did more. She would pay more attention to one of my friends (Skye) then me. Her 18th birthday was basically breaking point for me. Her friend asked me if Skye was my sisters sister as she kept hugging her. I tried to hug her that night and she pushed me away.

I grew to resent her. She would push me away if I tried to get close to her and made me feel like I wasn't good enough to be her sister.

So now that I'm 21 she wants to be close again but I don't want to. She is so controlling!
I couldn't go places cause she didn't like it. The day I got my license was the day she tried to control me more. She would tell my mum to not let me go out (mum told her off). And now I have a boyfriend and I kept it a secret from her for the first year as she would have tried to break us up.

She is so rude to my boyfriend JUST because he is my boyfriend. He has never done anything to me or her for her to feel like that.

She is currently overseas and has been for over a year but comes pretty soon. I haven't spoken to her since the last time she came to visit because she was so rude to my boyfriend just because he was at our house (live with parents).

I honestly don't want a relationship with her. But mum keeps bugging me to talk to her and make amends. But as I keep saying to mum. Why do I always have to give in? My whole life I've walked around her like she's about to blow up. I don't want to put my life on hold for her and her controlling ness.

What can I do to make her leave me to live my life? Me and mum tried to do a confrontation with here she ended up hyperventaliting and crying then two weeks later back to controlling me.

Wish she would stay in the UK!