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    Nov 2, 2007, 10:44 AM
    Should I visit my family despite of lots of inconveniences this would cause?
    They want me to visit this weekend. I go to college in the city and live on-campus and I have my parents and married sister in far suburbs. I have used to visit them every 2- 3 weeks on weekends but its little bit hassle, because once I step out to train station in suburbs there is no way to get home without calling my sister or father to drive me. They are sometimes busy and I have to adjust to their schedule. Besides last time when I visited them during family weekend, I did not feel too much comfortable, mainly because my mother use to attack me for errors. For ex, when I walked out church few minutes before end of mass. And that's because am going to have bad luck in life. I do not understand why it is disturbing for her that I have different believes. And when she calls me she always asks me only about material things, nothing like have I made new friends, do I have fun. And she points that I chose wrong major, despite the fact that I like it and doing good at it, though I would do better if I had better courses in high school. And she also dramatize that I spend too much money for college and I am going to get in huge debts. She goes paranoid. Last time when I went, I hoped to get relaxed, get some rest, but actually I got more stressed.

    Should I go? I am not too much into visit them, because of those hassles. And besides in 3 weeks quarter is ove and have 1 month brake. I would rather stay on this weekend with friends. Especially since I live in dorms and never had too much time to spend time with them because of study and going suburbs on weekends.

    Also when I come, they want to me give some money to help me with expenses, but I do not like to take money and I think it may even look me bad.Currently I have work study once a week and I am looking for seasonal job for winter break.
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    Nov 2, 2007, 10:53 AM
    It sounds like you would benefit emotionally by staying on campus during breaks. (I'm stressed out just reading your post!) The last thing you need in college is stress from family members. Take care of yourself!
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    Nov 2, 2007, 11:09 AM
    Well in break I will have to go back home, since they close the dorms during break. But probably I am going to stay one more weekend.

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