My Mother-in-law came to visit us, from FL,for a week. We have a 3 yr old daughter and all she talked about was coming to see her precious granddaughter. Well, she was here for 6 days and spent about 2 days with my daughter. My mother-in-law is about 60 years old. My husband and I were speachless. She spent the majority of her time bar hoppin with her sister, just had to go see this person and that person. Treated our home like a hotel. Basically, she slept here, showered, ate, napped, checked her Facebook, made phone calls and cocktails. I also smelled smoke at one point. I asked if she had been smoking in my house, she said it was a candle. Found the candle the next day, with ashes in it. My daughter just got had a bronchial virus and she was smoking in my home. The many full glasses of Vodka every evening are a bit disturbing too. Obviously has always had a drinking problem. I would watch her wash her 5 medications down, with her glass of vodka. This is not the first disappointing visit. About 5 years ago she brought her girlfriend. My mother-in-law is a lesbian. They had too much to drink one night staying with us. I heard them across the hall in our guest bedroom having wild, loud, crazy sex for an hour. I was mortified. Thank God this was before we had children. I moved in with my parents, until she flew back home. I am at my wits end with this woman. She is a disgrace to Grandparenting & humanity. My husband is a wonderful man. I cannot believe he came from this horrible woman. What can I do now? I truly hate her and never want to see her again. My parents are the classic wonderful Grandparents... she should be ashamed of herself... What do you think?