I'm in need of an unbiased opinion. I've been unhappy with the decisions my Mother's been making lately, mostly because I don't think she thinks about others when she makes them.

One of the major problems has been her new boyfriend. She met him on an online game (Everquest?). The first night she met him he stayed over at the house and has been living there ever since. I had already moved out but my younger brother was still there. I felt that she put him in an awkward situation that he shouldn't have had to deal with. My brother has expressed to me that he really hates the boyfriend. This guy is nice enough but he spends the majority of his time on the computer and pretty much is a pile of stereotypical, opinionated white trash. My mother is head over heels for this guy and can't comprehend the concept that no one else in the family is too crazy about him.

Most recently, I haven't been wanting to stay at the house for the holidays because it's really dirty. Dog hair everywhere, sticky floors, it's hard for me to sit there for a long time. I want to spend time with my mom but I don't want to sit in a gross house. I told my mom that I didn't feel comfortable in the house with it being dirty and she got really offended (duh!) and pretty much said this is the way I live so deal with it.

I'm sick of dealing with it! I grew up in the mess and now that I live in a clean house I don't want to be that person anymore. I love spending time with my mom, but I walk out of that house dirtier than when I came in. What do I do?